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John Allan

Bagpipes for all Occasions


I've played at services of all denominations for over 30 years and can guide families on how to best incorporate bagpipes into the service. I always interact well with the funeral and musical directors in churches and other venues. I can sensitively coordinate the needs and concerns between the family and the funeral directors, allowing families to be comforted knowing that their requests are being taken care of. If required, I can also offer a variety of suggestions for every situation including last minute changes.


There's nothing like having pipes at a wedding service and I know how to delicately balance the pipes with the ceremony and still keep the bride at center stage.
Every situation is unique so please feel free to call me
and I can give you some suggestions to enhance
the ceremony.

Special Occasions & Parties

The regal touch of bagpipes brings an expensive pageantry to any kind of occasion and will leave people talking
about it for years to come. Having bagpipes at your party is a fun, imaginative and inventive way to entertain
your guests and they will enjoy learning a little something about the history of bagpiping and where the kilt and
accessories come from, too!


Bagpipes have been connected with every major British military campaign and are a fitting tribute to any fallen or
former military troops.

Hire a Professional Bagpiper

You can count on me to be professional, reliable, punctual, and have a great sounding instrument. Call me and we'll
discuss your needs and how I can provide you with the best possible service.

Phone: (818)243-7011